Creating Jumpstart Master pages

Jan 22, 2013 at 9:01 AM

Hi, I've just downloaded and installed the jumpstart [bootstrap] master pages and layouts and after playing around with them, I am attempting to create my own styled masterpage.

Is there a guide that lists any additional snippets etc that you've used in creating your masterpage? 

Assuming a bare html page that has been just imported into SP2013 and converted to a master page.


thanks for all the help.

Jan 22, 2013 at 4:44 PM


I believe you are referring to the SharePoint 2013 Bootstrap component of I am working on that project as well so let me see if I can help you. In the future I recommend posting questions regarding that project directly on that project in case others have similiar questions.

All of the snippets used within that project were either created by Design Manager or were added directly from the Snippet Manager provided in Design Manager. Snippets themselves are really just standard .NET tags, most of them for SharePoint, that replace < with <!--MS which starts for Markup Start. This allows a general html editor to safely ignore the .NET tag. I have a list of "snippets" I have created that are not in the snippet manager and hope to some day add them to either CodePlex or my blog ( Is there a particular snippet you are looking for?

As for creating your own styled master page, I suggest start by copying all branding assets into the master page gallery, then copy the bootstrap.html HTML Master Page to the Master Page Gallery. If Sharepoint does not automatically recognize the Content Type for this file and create a .master for you, you could always open the Master Page Gallery in the browser and set the content type for bootstrap.master to a HTML Master Page. That should force SP to create the .master for you as well. Then just edit the .html file with whatever edits you need.

I hope this helps.